Xmoor for December

News and Such:

Xmoor Studios has been off the news waves as we begin our big push towards the 2008 calendar. Eric and I are focused upon placing Xmoor on another level and believe that the crop of announcements for 2008 will have a lot of people standing up and paying attention…
As for the rest of the year I wanted to let everyone know that Xmoor Studios will be promoting at the New York Anime Convention Dec 7-9 at the Jacob Javit center.
At the show everyone can pick up issues of GATOW, SEIZE ASYLUM and the limited edition of the INHERITORS ashcan:

 We will also have a number of surprises at the show that will be announced before the show including several raffles and chances to win an exclusive Keylon Jakes Bust.:]

Robert Taylor with his Super Humanworks publications has a table exhibiting their books such as GHOST FIGHTER, NIGHTJAK, and RIPPERS created by Regine:]

Also promoting at the Convention will be Steven Harris with his NS Studio’s The FRINGE:

We hope to see some of you at the show.


Steven Harris: http://profile.myspace.com/index.cfm?fuseaction=user.viewprofile&friendid=141391657


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