June is going to be crazy!

What’s up folks,

May was a very strong month for Xmoor Studios as we begin the convention season process we started off with a bang at the ECBACC CONVENTION  at Temple University.

To say that Eric and I had a fantastic time would be an understatement. We felt the love and got to hang out with fellow creators. We also had our best single selling day from Xmoor Studios at any convention that we’ve attended. It was a blast to hook up with a master illustrator like Mshindo Kuumba(If you have never seen this talented brothers work you really are cheating yourself.)  http://mshindoart.com

Here are a few pics from the convention:


 Steven Harris

 Omar : www. blacksuperhero.com

Brother Uraeus

UVC’s Ronald King

Xmoor in the House!

Now onto other news,

We expect the confirmation from Diamond as to what issue Galtow Three with be in. The people at diamond were very impressed with the new color look and we really want to keep things rolling with several promotions.

I also wanted to announce that Xmoor studios in collaboration with the website Action Figures Times have video taped the Keylon Jakes statue and placed it on Youtube to help promote Xmoor Studios. This is a huge site with lots of promotional potential so check it out:


or go to youtube:


And Finally I wanted to let everyone know that we’ll be at the BLACK EXPO at the Jacob Javit Center in New York city along with The Legendary artist creator Grey! as well as the Multi-talented Steven Harris on June 23-24 so if you’re in the city come on down and say Hi. We will have several promotions, merchandise and a chance to win one of the Keylon Jakes Bust.

Whew! There’s more coming up but I think that’s enough for Now.




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