I’ll let the image speak for itself.

Mr. Nocella is strutting his stuff!


5 Responses to fULL JIYA SNEAK

  1. Rasmane says:

    That’s quite a physique so far, but Jiya is Jiya…

  2. Ras,
    I know what you mean… I can’t wait to see the finished piece…

  3. END says:

    Still got lot’s to do like the sword detail and base rough – almost ready for the wax stage. More pix soon!

  4. Tsunnamii says:

    HEY!… nicely done!!

    wanna see MOOOOORE!!



    like a month ago I spent 5 days in NY!… AND I went to midtown comics!

    and guess what I saw!!

    YES!!! I SAW your Keylon Jakes Bust!!!… It wan incredible!.. I loved it!!… its very wired for me to get to see in real life thing that I had only seen through deviant!!


    Im from argentina

    far faaar away

  5. Rasmane says:

    A fan from Argentina! Just five more continents and the Keylon Jakes bust will be world-famous!

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