Here’s the Heat!

Just wanted to give you all a taste of the upcoming Jiya bust! Eric is putting it down hard and I know a few of you out there have been waiting for the Baddest female of the GALTOWS….

 Also I hope everyone checks out our new myspace site…. It’s pretty damn cool, I put it up with the help of a few friends and my Daugther Niya.( Who yes I must admit knows more than her Dad when it comes to these things:

Hope you enjoy



4 Responses to Here’s the Heat!

  1. Rasmane says:

    I’d make a “pop ya collar” reference, but we can’t see Jiya’s…collar too much in that shot!
    A great teaser. Lovin’ Jiya’s facial features and “bone structure”…

  2. I Know what you mean. I’m thinking of putting Eric in my basement and leave him there until he finishes the piece…, Uh? Okay, well that kinda would be kidnapping.

  3. Rasmane says:

    And his motivation may not be quite what it could be if he remained “free-range”…best to let him be.

  4. END says:

    You tell him Ras! I’m a free range chicken loose cannon over here. Plus – Rob’s basement is crowded with chained up comicbook artists…on the real though – I can’t get too crazy on the design do to overseas production duplication and costs – I’ll do my best tho…

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