Hello Everyone,
With the great respond that we have gotten from the Bust, I just wanted to drop the images of the entire line of Keylon Jakes Bust onto the site:

Keylon Busts 

If anyone wants to order, visit our store … For the limited edition bust contact myself or Eric for prices and how to order them.


6 Responses to

  1. Rasmane says:

    Wow. Black Armor Ceremonial? I didn’t think the Red Armor could be outdone, but…

  2. I know, Eric is killing it with the variations…. I’m drooling thinking about what he will be doing with the Jiya Bust!

  3. Mike Nusbaum says:

    Pretty slick looking, I sent you an e-mail on prices, etc. for the variants. Let me know.


  4. Check your e-mail, I hope that information helps you

  5. Mike Nusbaum says:

    Thanks for the quick e-mail Rob!

  6. END says:

    Thanks for stopping by guys. Rob and I have some interesting things lining up with Galtow and all it’s merchandise…stay tuned!!! Issue 3 of Galtow is right around the corner…

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