Keylon Bust Winners and Updates

Well first off I wanted to thank everyone who stopped at this past weekend’s Big apple Con. Eric and I had a blast talking to everyone, as well as making new friends.

We sold a few issues and the Bust contest was well received by everyone. But enough of that, ON TO THE WINNERS!

Drum roll please:

1) Sirron M. Norris: Ticket # 1457026

2) Wayne Ellis: Ticket # 1457010

Again I’d like to thank everyone for entering, and for those who won hit me up with a PM and your contact info.

Eric and I are currently looking over the latest submission for the Pin up contest… There’s still more time for your submissions so get those pencils cranking. Well back to work on finishing issue three.




One Response to Keylon Bust Winners and Updates

  1. Eric says:

    When is the deadline for the pin-up? I would like to give it a shot. Its been a while since I read the last issue this is for the chick with the Bionic arm and the raiden looking hat right?

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