Welcome to the New Year

I wanted to begin with updating the information about the Keylon Jakes Bust art contest.

We are looking for a comic page size pinup of at least three of the character from the Galtow book.  All submission must be in by the second week of February. We have also amped up the prizes:

FIRST PRIZE: The autographed Keylon Bust

SECOND PRIZE: All grey Maquette of the Keylon Bust.

THIRD PRIZE: An Autograped copy of Galtow #1 and a hat and t-shirt. 

So lets get to work on those pinups!

Now I would also like to announce that Xmoor Studios will be at the Big Apple Con on January19-20 :http://www.bigapplecon.com/

Addmission is free for this event so if you’re in the neighborhood stop by our table. Come pick up copies of our books and preview the 3rd issue of Galtow. We will be running a raffle for the bust and also showing the exclusive Gold Keylon Jakes bust:

Finally we will also so actively looking at artist portfolios searching for new members to join our team.

Hope to see some of you there.



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